Thursday, 20 February 2014

Racial subtypes

"The dancers were hennaj who almost floated, and amo, who were coloured in such a way that, when they stood together, they could form different Wild Signs. And the main character was played by an almost black suu who overtowered them all, it was quite a sight."
— Zambosa, opera guest

Artists' notes
I decided late in development to create subtypes for races other than humans. At first I thought it would be too much, but then I found it too human-centristic to make small differences into subtypes for them, but not others. So, there are now more appearances for the major races. Don't forget that there are many changes in the colours of the colourful peoples dwarves, naj, and garren, while humans always have dark hair and brown eyes in various shades, and beja are always black haired with blue or black eyes. In a way, it was almost more fun to develop the subtypes later than alongside the races, because I had all the hard work done of creating them and fitting them into the world. Naturally, since neither shankeh nor elves have any different subtypes, they do not appear here.
I also worked out halfbloods. I think it will be arbitrary to some extent which of their parents' features they inherit, and there really are only three kinds of halfbloods since only dwarves, humans, and beja mix - elves' children are all elves themselves and don't cause me any work, and raganaj, shankeh, and garren don't interbreed.

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