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Elves, humans, dwarves, and beja can have children together. Children of elves are all elves themselves, there are no half-elves. This leaves three kinds of halfbreeds to be considered.
It's been in debate for millenia what influence the mental traits of the parents have, if any.

Kelromes are children of humans and beja. They have four eyes, which all see normally, without the beja's sight of ultraviolet. Their skin is dark, and the humans' fitness is easily inherited; unlike humans, kelromes do not get a cold. The extra eyes are lost in the second generation, unless both parents are kelromes.
"No, my hair is rather docile, thank the spirits. My father shaves twice daily and cuts his hair with what can only be called a shortsword."
— Martel, verkenor
Parunees have dwarven and beja parents. They have two eyes, the thick hair of dwarves, and slightly darker skin. Their hair stops growing at some point and isn't quite as colourful as a pureblooded dwarf's, tending to darker tones. Parunees are strongly built, can see through stone like their dwarven parents, and live much longer than beja.
"I serve alongside raganaj in the guard, that's not something just anyone can handle. Thanks be to mother for her strong bones, and to father for his height."
— Aldjagran, guard
Verkenors are children of dwarves and humans. They can see at night as well as dwarves but not through stone, their hair is long and thick but of plain colours. Especially with northern humans, they are strong, their height is between both parents. Like parunees, verkenors live for very long.

Artists' notes
Just like there are tiny differences between the single appearances of the species, so are halfbreeds not entirely the same. Most of the mixed-blood traits are lost in the second generation unless the second parent is also the same halfbreed. Racism being considered insane in most places, I can't imagine people being called names for being not pureblooded. It will be interesting to see what Kitaians think about the new halfbreed possibilities, with shapeshifter spells on the march.

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