Friday, 10 June 2016

The Discordant Cities

"I don't care who thinks to be the first, greatest, or smartest. If I lose one more shipment of medicines because of their daft squabbling, I'll make them Tsiranian, and that will be that."
— Mainalhar II. of Tsir
The first of the Discordant Cities was Eligei, which was a rhu'khach city until they left, and returned to greatness some centuries later. Then the ruling families of Eligei began to quarrel all the time, until finally two of them left and founded new cities nearby. Then fighting started there too, citizens left, and founded their own cities. As they are located in the Tsiranian Gulf in Lozir, with rich fishing grounds and moderately fertile lands, new cities can survive easily. Today, they are twelve, and constantly fight among themselves. Pirates and mercenaries are set on each others' trade routes, cities are spied upon and sabotaged, embargoes enacted, and alliances are as short-lived as the morning dew.
"All the Oparikans have to do is acknowledge that Tassaar makes the better frigates, or we can just show them if they won't believe it. What do they take us for - Henassetans?!"
— Benengei, Tassaarian
On the other side of the gulf lies Lozir's largest kingdom, Tsir. The Tsiranian traders also fall victim to the dirty tricks of the Discordants, and the traditionally grumpy government grows impatient. Urlakal used to send diplomats, but since the Dimnerians invaded and the royal Urlakal family was exiled, it has been too unstable, and the Dimnerians are uncompassionate. Council city negotiators are still sent from Plokin, but the only solution - unification of the ridiculously likeminded cities - is openly attacked as an affront to the cities' sovereignty by all twelve.

Artists' notes
When I dotted city states onto the maps, a whole lot appeared around the Tsiranian Gulf, and I wondered how they got along. The more they became, the less they did, and now the "Streitende Städte" are a mischievous bunch of rascals. It spun away into the political situation of the entire region; Urlakal's civil war fitted perfectly. I love it when the open ends of my world connect seamlessly.


  1. What a funny idea! I like it haha. I need to start working on dotting my world with cities and villages and things. It's not something I'm very good at but I love seeing people with unique settlements in their own worlds.

    1. There are many weird cities on the map already, I need to remember to make normal ones, too ;) But so far there are maybe four hundred on the entire globe, there's still plenty of room.
      Maybe take a look at demographic projections of medieval times to know where settlements can go, because soemtimes they're a bit randomly placed; they need water, food, infrastructure, and when you think of that, it's often natural where they will be.