Saturday, 2 June 2012

Introducing Genius Loci

Genius Loci is a world where spirits walk among the people, where legendary creatures cause the rise or fall of empires, and where races share unique cultures. Its mystical landscapes are soaked with magic and populated with riddles and legends.
The Genius Loci blog documents the development of this unique setting, created by artist Jennifer Lange (me). Genius Loci is the name of a fantasy setting taking place on the world Kitas; I describe this setting as a "riddlesome fairy-tale".
Artworks come together on my website, while additional drawings and sketches will appear in this blog alongside descriptive texts about, well, everything: races, locations, legends...

How is Genius Loci special?

The Genius Loci setting works outside regular stereotypes often found in fantasy settings. It is an attempt to create a fantastical, believable world with a story to it - two worlds, actually, because Genius Loci is not just one place: The real, material world is accompanied by the mysterious Area, a dreamlike parallel world that can - and should - only be entered with special preparations. While not entirely without substance, it is a mindrealm where things are not as they seem.
The setting constitutes that race and culture are independent of each other. Members of the same race do not automatically agree, and there is no such thing as a dwarven country, or elven language.

A fantastic world

Genius Loci means "spirit of place". Kitas is filled with spirits, making it a very magical world. Nature spirits are caring, curious, and self-sufficient; deads' spirits are grief-stricken, violent, and vengeful; echoes are leftover visions of persons who mustn't even be dead; and the most feared of all, the spirit of place - a genius loci - is an overpowering entity that can come into existence at any place, pushing its destructive will on everything and everyone within its domain.
The continents of Kitas are each dominated by one of the elements of water, earth and air, fire, and life, strongly influencing their landscapes.

Names and translations

I'm German, and the original names are German as well. If a name can be translated it normally will be, I will give the original name as well. Sometimes the feel of a name is changed, as in the famous rhyme of the Four, so it may be that I will not give a translation if I couldn't find anything suitable.

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