Monday, 16 July 2012

Genius Loci races: Humans

There are three types of humans: the dark-skinned southern, the blockier northern, and the flexible gderan. All of them have black hair and dark eyes. The southerners are more enduring, the northerners hardier, and the gderans dextrous. Most of the human population in Gdera is indeed gderan, while the other continents have mixed populations. Common to all humans is that they suffer ridiculously easy from the common cold - a steady source of jokes to other races.
The shimmer is far stronger in humans, resulting in a gleam that, without protection, will cause eye damage over time; gderans protect themselves with paint, veils, or masks. Gderans don't do well with animal fats, and many are vegetarians.

"Humans often worry they might stand out - more prone to mental breakdowns than others, more war-like, more ignorant; less talented, less supportive, not as sure. The good news to them is, the average-ness of humans is quite often what holds a society together."
— Stone giant

Humans tend to be curious, and are equally fatalistic and optimistic. They have a tendency towards cynism and philosophical short-sightedness, and at the same time suffer from helping syndrome and weltschmerz. They are regarded as one of the most discrepant peoples of Kitas.

Artist's notes
I thought about introducing subtypes into other races as well, but the humans are only slightly different in themselves; and when I think about it - the garren, dwarves, and raganaj are very different from one another, so humans have a right to be diverse as well, I guess. I never liked the human-centristic worldview often seen in sci-fi, and sometimes fantasy, and humans are no important race of the Genius Loci setting; neither in numbers nor occupations.

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