Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Gold fairies

Gold fairies are creatures around 60 centimeters high with softly feathered wings and long arms. Their colour ranges from pale gold to deep glittering orange. Gold fairies are a little smarter than bug fairies, averaging a ten-year-old; their behaviour is a strange mixture of serenity and ferocity, and narrow-minded folk often dislike them.
"I am here to keep order. You must follow this shelf plan. Everything depends on order. Your foolish assistant learned this is no joke to me, no? So follow."
— Adnad, gold fairy
They keep to themselves, and live in either open nature or crowded cities, seeking out merchants' storages, libraries, printing-offices, and laboratories, making their living as aides by keeping shelves and storages in order. Otherwise, gold fairies are left alone and flock in small groups. They can be seen carrying packages about, or building things (to unknown ends; they're neither art nor mechanics). They prefer flying over walking, and regard their legs as decorative, occasionally useful appendages, rather than regular body parts.
Like bug fairies, gold fairies have their own way of Speechcraft and are equally unteachable. Mages have lost sanity and digits trying to study it.
"Always an occasion when goldfairies come to the shop. Last time they left with all my silver wire, half a litre of coloured ink, and a Kmalian teapot. Then went into the bakery and bought all the yellow pastries. I've stopped wondering what they do with the stuff."
— Ompiro, shopkeeper
Artists' notes
Gold fairies were a little neglected at first, but now I find those weirdoes very nice - fairies with jobs. These are the kind you find observing you when you turn around. Stealing a nail from your outside windowsill, or inscribing your shoes' soles. Carefully collecting artifact shards for unknown purposes. In a word: creepy. But pretty ;)

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