Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Elementarians are four kinds of supernatural beings closely associated with their respective elemental principles. These are the dryads of the west, element of life; the stone giants of the east, element of earth and air; the plasmats of the south, element of fire; and the fleeters of the north, element of water. While they personify their forces, they are not slaves to it, and if the core principle of fire is new beginnings, a plasmat can still be stubborn and set in tradition.
"My mother's storage was inhabited by a gold fairy. Once I saw him put up paper cutouts of elementarians, and act as if they met and discussed. I wonder to this day if he played or relived a memory."
— Ji-Bo Yi'Amako, trader
All elementarians are tall and require huge living spaces. They are not races, but groups of individuals - their societies, are largely unknown, if they even exist. They do get along with each other and don't struggle when they meet; just like the four elements are but parts of creation that cannot stand alone, but are strongest together.
"Sabriena of the Ground was the most attuned to elementarians in magic history. She documented meetings with all of them, and it was her who found out about stone giants' names."
— Gaurakamat Inkstrider, mage
Artists' notes
I felt an additional explanation of the elementarians was in order since every fantasy setting handles its elemental forces differently. The four elementarians are as mentioned not slaves to their principles, after all, they aren't element-als, but element-arians. Big difference. I don't even know if there any elementals yet or how they would be, but probably dumber.